13 kW Solar Panel Kit with 330W Panels    Microinverters
13 kW Solar Panel Kit with 330W Panels    Microinverters

13 kW Solar Panel Kit with 330W Panels Microinverters

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Easily bring solar power to your property with the simple solar panel kits. This solar power system has 13 kW of power and includes all the important parts you need for solar energy:

40 HQ 330-watt solar panels

40 smart microinverters

- Solar XR racking system

- Free system monitoring

This kit uses microinverters, which are better at handling shade and offer more options for designing your system. Unlike other systems with string inverters, it let you install panels in different directions without affecting how well the system works. You can also make your solar system as big or small as you want, and it's easy to add more solar panels later without changing your current setup.


(40) HQ 330W Solar Panels

SunSpark 330W solar panels

The 330-watt panels with 60 cells are smaller compared to the 72/144-cell panels. This smaller size makes them easier to carry onto the roof and install. Despite being smaller, these panels are equally efficient as the larger ones. This is valuable when trying to maximize solar capacity on a limited roof area.

This kit includes (40) 330W panels, producing a total of 13,200 watts or 13.2 kW of continuous power. (If your energy needs vary, it can be created a customized kit for you!)

Panel features:

UL Certification

Sleek all-black design

Monocrystalline cells

Efficiency rating of 19.05%

Can handle snow loads of 5400 Pa & wind loads of 2400 Pa

(40) smart Microinverters

This kit includes (40) microinverters, which feature some of the most advanced solar technology currently available in the market. These microinverters are designed to be highly efficient even in partially shaded conditions, producing more electricity compared to traditional string inverter systems when a solar panel is partially shaded.

Moreover, the microinverters provide greater flexibility in designing your solar system. Unlike setups with a central string inverter, each solar panel paired with functions as an independent solar power unit. This modular setup allows you to install panels facing various directions without concerns about the limitations of string sizing.

Additionally, this design enables smart systems to be tailored to your needs, whether you prefer a larger or smaller setup. Expanding your system in the future is a straightforward process – simply purchase more panels and microinverters and connect them to your Combiner box.

The combination of shade tolerance, design flexibility, and ease of expansion provided by microinverters makes these solar kits the most powerful and resilient options available from our offerings.

Solar Racking

This package comes with strong Solar mounting components for installing your solar panels on either your roof or a solid ground structure. It has all the necessary materials to mount the 40 solar panels that are included in this package.

For ground installations, you'll need to create a metal framework to hold the solar panels. The metal pipes/tubes, concrete, and other materials necessary for this framework are not part of this package. Make sure to plan for these additional expenses. As part of our permit package.


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